上海润杰电器全资子公司中山楚辉照明电器有限公司是LED面板灯;LED灯管;LED投光灯; LED路灯;LED球泡灯;LED射灯;LED天花灯的专业生产企业。公司创建于2007年,经过这几年的稳健发展,凭借强大的自主研发能力,庞大的营销网络以及完善的管理体系,已成为国内具有竞争力的专业灯具生产厂商。 按ISO9001国际标准建立质量管理体系, 对产品生产的程序进行有效控制。 产品通过了CB, CE, ROHS, EAC, ERP 认证。 产品畅销海内外。

Zhongshan Chuhui Lighting&Electronics Co., LTD. is part of the industry sector of Shanghai CET Group, mainly produce LED Panel Light;LED Tube;LED Flood Light; LED Street Light; LED Bulb; LED Spot Light; LED Ceiling Light. Our company founded in 2007, has become one of the most competitive manufactories in China through some years steady development, which is depend on our strong R&D, the huge range of distribution channels and perfect manage system.According to the ISO9001 international standard, we are established quality management system, which for the realization Of the entire process into products effective control. Our products have CE, RoHS, ISO9001, CB, EAC certificates. In addition, we can also offer samples for customers to pass their Country lab test, such as S-MARK in Argentina; RETILAP in Colombia; Intertek TIR in Kuwait; PVOC-IDF in Kenya; SII in Israel; SEC in Chile; INMETRO in Brazil; SASO in Saudi Arabia, etc.